Our chief instructor is David Ernst, who holds the rank of Shichidan, Dan 7 black belt. Sensei Ernst has been training karate for over three decades and has completed the official instructor training programs of both the International Shotokan Karate Federation and the Japan Karate Association. He holds Instructor, Examiner, and Judging Class B qualifications.



Our other instructors are experienced, qualified, dedicated black belts who work under the supervision of Sensei Ernst. We have a rotating schedule of instructors for various classes, so students benefit from a variety of teaching styles.


Adult Program Black Belt Rank Youth Program Black Belt Rank
Haldane Prince Dan 6 Jesse Chester Dan 4
Jesse Chester Dan 4 Vesa Vuniqi Dan 4
Brendan Fitzsimons Dan 4 Pallavi Mittal Dan 3
Hiroko Kawaguchi Dan 4    
Pallavi Mittal Dan 3