Kata are formal exercises which combine basic karate techniques blocking, punching, striking, and kicking into a series of predetermined movements. Kata combine offensive and defensive techniques, proper body movement, and changes in direction. The kata teach the karateka to dispose of numerous attackers from at least four directions.

Although the kata do not involve visible opponents, the karateka, through serious study of the kata, learns the art of self-defense and the ability to calmly and efficiently deal with dangerous situations.

Kata Meaning Kata Meaning
Heian Peaceful way Jitte Ten hands
Tekki Iron horse Chinte Extraordinary hands
Bassai Penetrate a fortress dai=major, sho=minor Nijushiho 24 steps
Kanku Viewing the sky Sochin Preserve peace
Empi Flying swallow Unsu Hands of a cloud
Jion Bhuddist temple name Gojushiho 54 steps
Hangetsu Half moon Jiin Named after the saint
Gankaku Crane on a rock Wankan Crown of a king
    Meikyo Mirror of the soul